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Welcome to the official portal for the workshop series Makes You Wonder, by Ian Robinson.

What is ‘Makes You Wonder ?’

MYW is a whole bunch of exercises that do truly, slowly, strongly empower people. It helps people to find their one voice with their own faith for their own worlds. It is a unique, international resource, going where no other faith-sharing course goes.  With the mobile app now in the hands of anyone with a smart phone, we could transform the culture and cringe around evangelism in one year. There is a leaders curriculum and small group resources.  There are more blogs and links on this link so click here.

Makes You Wonder takes you way beyond a mere awareness for the need of a fresh, authentic culturally relevant way of conversations in faith-sharing. It takes you there. It relieves the burden of guilt, false smiles and failing public events.

This is no magic . It is sort of unimpressive. But when you do an exercise, it holds a mirror up to the people who are doing it, and they in their ordinary extraordinary way, will be seen to be bearers of the light. It began in a high-density high-stress low-income city, worked wonders at the beach, grew a few kinds of churches and has blessed twenty two language groups that we know of.

It works as a leaders course (Makes You Wonder in four series) that changes your capacity, culture and confidence.

Makes You Wonder is also constructed as shorter small-group booklets for church groups or Purple Cow Workshops or , for secular groups Wonder Workshops.

If you want to know more about the author, Ian Robinson, go the link.

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