Dedication and Background

MY STORY is dedicated to the memory of Don Robertson, mentor, friend, father, tireless supporter.

This set of exercises started life anonymously. The Scripture Union team used to sit on the beach and do ‘training’ — no books or projectors available, just me and you and God and a beautiful bay. It was tried in the furnace in a church planted in a high-transience high-density area of Perth, which had to grow by 30% each year just to stay the same size. Then other leaders got hold of it, it got a name, and it took off all over Australia, Asia and the Pacific. So far, we have heard of 22 language groups who have used it, so we believe it is cross-cultural. The exercises gained a name — ‘Gossiping the Gospel’ — but now, much expanded, re-structured and revised, it takes a new name and a new life. The Leader’s Notes have come from more than two hundred trained leaders who have made this workshop their own. And we are still learning. Being Jesus’ disciple is chronically exciting. So, thanks again to all my sources. Blame me for all the shortcomings. All the good stuff is a gift from the boundless Grace of God and his living saints. In Jesus flows all the glory, truth and goodness in bodily form, in timeless sweep, over every grain of rock and every drop of water on the blue planet. And this same God holds me up and calls me into that great purpose, playing a part of eternal value. It makes you wonder.

Ian Robinson, 2012

Rev Dr Ian Robinson is currently a university chaplain in Western Australia. He has been a senior pastor, evangelist, church planter, consultant, IT programmer, author, song writer and youth worker. Ian also leads desert spiritual retreats, runs various courses in Christian leadership, and supports Stolen Generations of Australia in their pursuit of healing, truth and justice.