Four stories

This is a way of framing a lot of what we do in Makes You Wonder. The basic skill of communicating the gospel is to share four stories. All four are needed, and it doesn’t much matter where you start so long as you don’t stop there. There are exercises in each of these in the four parts of Makes You Wonder.


The story of how God is in me -my own experience of the Risen Christ and the difference he makes in my life.


The story that God is like Jesus – the events of the Life that have demonstrated that Jesus is Saviour and Lord, inviting all people to follow Him.


The story that God is with you too – the many ways that God has shown his character and love to everyone in Creation, his acceptance and patience of them, even when they are unaware of it.


The story of God’s People the very fallible church – who are we and how did we get to be this way? How did we get our Bible and what in our culture do we take for granted which has come from the influence of Christianity in past centuries.

Why all four? Different authors and evangelists describe evangelism in different ways, and I have noticed that they each have a different starting point. Some emphasise proclamation of the gospel (In Greek: kerygma). We call this ‘The Story’. Some emphasise starting with your own testimony or word of witness about the blessings of knowing God. We call this ‘My Story’. Others want to help people with the discovery of the presence or mystery of God in their own experience. We call this ‘Your Story’. Still others have a job to describe the basis of the church community to an educated and globally aware society. We call this ‘Our Story’. Each group is partly right. All four stories need to be shared, at some time, before we can consider we have communicated the basics of the gospel.

Start wherever you can! Don’t stop there.