How we came to God awareness

We had some simply amazing conversations in this exercise, “MYW 2.1 God is with you”. Here is our feedback list off the whiteboard but what we discussed was so much more, as you probably expect. We talked quite a bit about how we can be the “people” who influence others to seek God.


Unaided by anyone, knew God personally as a child

One day in a bookshop I just knew I had to find God, simple as that

Had a dream that disturbed me and sent me seeking

During long depression, I knew I was being held

While in a coma from m/cycle accident, Jesus came to me


Random sunshine


Special music of a choir

Fell in love and my whole perspective changed

Art draws me close to the divine


Fellowship with other Christians

Role models

Events and camps

Inspiring stories

Unguarded honesty


Hit the wall and didn’t know why I was here

Started wondering about death

Great injustice fired me up to want to make a difference, couldn’t do it alone