What would I lose if I lost Jesus?

What would I lose if I lost Jesus?

I would still have a life, education, health, family, friends.

I may have fewer worries from having a narrower range of commitments.

I might gain some time I spend in church things and in prayer.

It sounds like a whinge but I might have more money, because I would get the professional income that many people have said I could have had, and not be on church wages and I would not be tithing. Maybe not.

More importantly, what decisions might I have made differently – what good but different values might have taken over and directed me towards materialism or consumerism or self-help spirituality or even burningout idealism or hardline religion? I hate to think how my course could have gone with the tide.

Going further, what is it about others that I could have wanted too much – their prestige or wealth, their looks and privileges? How would that have skewed my life onto shallower seas?

What relationships would I have broken off as being too taxing or too small when they held the seed of the Kingdom? What challenges would I have turned from, preferring some other security to the promises of God?

I have to fight to defend the space, but the joy in my life runs as deep as the ocean.

Some of us think that because we were raised as Christian we could never lose Jesus. Think again. Many many people in fact several generations have wandered off in this direction, by getting too busy with good works, building up religious institutions, congratulating themselves on their cleverness, and became too shallow in their discernment. There must be ‘fifty ways to leave your lover’.

Why swap Grace for mere greatness? who would swap the joy of a living Eternity for a short span of some other happiness? It could happen to me. And to you. What is your answer to this question? What would I lose if I lost Jesus?