Why am I still a Christian?

I often ask – Why am I still a Christian? I have asked that of many hundreds of Christians, including those very few of you who have gathered to tune up their faith sharing on Saturday mornings this month. Each of us must answer this alone. I challenge you to do so – but here is my answer these days.

I am still a Christian because I am held by the grace of God in all my days. I am held in love, touched by freedom, forgiven and forgiving, loving the life of generous service, loving the community of my church that is so rich so good so complex so committed so generous so united in a vision to love one another. I have walked through many philosophies, watched many others suffer under the religion of imperial progressive materialism, and wondered why it is that we can know so little. I am strongly attracted to pleasure and comfort but this Way is best. I have walked this road for many years and after so many experiences of answered prayer, of the support of my Christian friends, of being challenged, of being filled with Holy Spirit, again and again, deeper and further, why would I turn back? Why do I take the cost and the strain, is like asking me why I exercise or why I eat, because this Master, this Jesus has the words of the eternal life that I am living day by day. This is not a theoretical answer. This is not my pet theology This is my raw experience talking. My life has shaped my faith as I walked with Jesus. How has your faith been shaped?

So, Why are you still a Christian?