Ian Robinson has a passion to see people take a fresh look at Christian faith, walk the talk and connect deeply with God.

He is known to be someone who gives honour to God. He has a capacity to identify the strengths in persons and programmes, think them through biblically, make them understandable to others, pass on the story and inspire action.Ian is also skilled in building networks.

All these skills are made available to the church and community. Makes You Wonder is certainly one of those.

  •  He has also helped to establish several ministry groups – Southcare, Help Street Foundation, Spirit Journeys Australia, and two or three others who did their time.
  • He has also authored/edited several books: Hot Gospel, Burning Hope, Praying the Gospel, This Thirsty Heart, If Anyone Thirsts, New Beginnings, Stop Look and Listen, Streams in the Wasteland, Broke, and Growing an Everyday Faith.
  • He has worked widely across Australia, plus ministry events in New Zealand, UK, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Tonga, plus many language groups. He is currently the Alan Walker Lecturer in Evangelism, Mission & Leadership at United Theological College in Sydney, supported by Uniting Mission & Education, Uniting Church in Australia, NSW/ACT Synod.
    • Ian was a  Chaplain at the University of Western Australia before coming to his present role as Alan Walker Lecturer. He has held many ministry roles in church and community. He was until recently co-convenor of Bringing Them Home Committee, working for the healing truth and justice for Stolen Generations persons both in WA and nationally, and for countless years was a member of the Uniting Church National Assembly Mission & Evangelism Network (AMEN).
  • Ian’s academic degrees are: Doctor of Philosophy (CSU), Master of Arts (Oxon), Bachelor of Arts (UWA). Yes, he’s a reverend doctor! Otherwise, he is reasonably normal – until enticed with the offer of a good coffee. 🙂
  • Ian is married to Margaret, and they have three wonderful adult children.