Prayer for gentleness and respect

You have made us your own,
You have reframed the whole world
In terms of the Gospel.
It is your love that connects us,
our prayers that strike home,
and not our cleverness or our programs.

So with gentleness and respect,
We will share only the faith that we have,
And not try to speak for someone else.
In the name of Christ, Amen

My experience of God

The church leader Thomas Bandy has coined a famous question – “What is it about my experience of God that my neighbours can’t do without?” He is talking about sharing your faith. (Some call it ‘evangelism’, which is often confused with the different word ‘evangelical’. You should look them up. It is too important to leave the confusion alone.) There are two sides to Bandy’s question. One is about your experience of God and that we have already looked at. The second part is about your neighbour. And there is a question I want to ask about that.

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What would I lose if I lost Jesus?

What would I lose if I lost Jesus?

I would still have a life, education, health, family, friends.

I may have fewer worries from having a narrower range of commitments.

I might gain some time I spend in church things and in prayer.

It sounds like a whinge but I might have more money, because I would get the professional income that many people have said I could have had, and not be on church wages and I would not be tithing. Maybe not.

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With gentleness and respect

A Response to 1 Peter 3 v 13-16

In response to that epistle of Peter, I want to talk about asking questions, listening to people’s hearts and sharing the faith that you have, with gentleness and respect.

To begin with, I do not want you to feel guilty about this, but liberated. Not bible bashing, not proselytization, not bad news, not ‘born-againing’, not sidling up to people with false grins and asking if they know where they will go if they die tonight. It’s a fair question, but without love it will be heard as a threat, and we have turned the good news of Jesus into bad news.
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Four stories

This is a way of framing a lot of what we do in Makes You Wonder. The basic skill of communicating the gospel is to share four stories. All four are needed, and it doesn’t much matter where you start so long as you don’t stop there. There are exercises in each of these in the four parts of Makes You Wonder.

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