How to Download

For a limited period, to celebrate this milestone after years of testing, the seven series has an introductory price as below, FREE.
If you feel that this is too little an amount, send us a donation.

Here is an Outline of the four MYW Modules.


MYW3 Part 1and MYW3 Part 2


MYW5 Leaders’ Resources


When you have downloaded, print these on your own printer and (hey presto!) it was cheaper to you than if we had printed and shipped. Do it in colour or grey, single sided or double sided, your choice.

We strongly suggest A4 size pages but you can try a few pages A5 if you want to .

Around Australia with any church of any denomination and anywhere we are invited, we just LOVE to train trainers, as described in the Leaders Resources. We do not go to single congregations and run the course – we prefer you to have resident ongoing leadership for this set of exercises. Our research is that this will work better for you.

How to Start? There are articles about that in the Leaders Resources.

Gather a group of people to work through the series, or whatever format you are using, and begin. Print the pages out as you wish to.

Give Feedback to us on the MYW blogsites or MYW Facebook Group and tell us how you went and what the group discussed.