Small Groups

Outline of the Small Group Modules
the Makes You Wonder exercises
arranged with additional studies for small groups

There are two series. Church people should do both.
Wonder Workshops for non-churched people who want to explore.
Purple Cow Workshops for Christian small groups who want to explore and share.

See the Leaders Resources for information on these approaches.

Wonder Workshops

Each one is five or six exercises
1.  The Rumour of God– some things we sought of knew already
2.  Deeper Waterr- strength for the soul
3.  Max Doubt– faith comes through questionning
4.  The Glass Half – is it half full? How do we know? Who do you trust?

Purple Cow Workshops

Each one is five or six exercises
1.  Purple Cow – why should anyone notice your message?
2.  The B!G idea – how to be an international Holy Spirit movement again
3.  Turn the Page– recapture the biblical patterns for evangelism
4.  ACE of hearts – authentic community engagement
5. Unguarded – how to be your Christian self in the world
6.  NEW LOVE NEW COURAGE – where would I be without Jesus?
7.  HEARTS ON FIRE – equip the different parts of the church for evangelism
8.  GOOD AND ANGRY – who did Jesus confront and why? (also has its own website)